dock lift information

I want to install a lift on my dock for my Flying Scot. Any suggestions for types of lifts? Most importantly, what kind of supports for the hull work best? It seems silly to replicate the trailer arrangement. I think I have seen someone with two supports (athwartship?) that conform with the hull shape, spaced about 5 feet apart.

Thanks for your thoughts ahead of time.

I put my FS on a vertical lift station (I didn't have any preference to type, I just got a good deal on a used one). Just watch what the minimum depth requirements are. To support the boat I used 2x8's on end, roughly contoured to the shape of the hull (circular saw) covered in indoor/outdoor carpet. I don't have the spacing, but I used my trailer bunks as a guide. We motor the boat in and attach four bungee cords (2 aft, 2 forward) to center the boat until we can raise the lift to contact the hull. This seems to work better than trying to motor the boat onto the lift.