A temp or back up winch crank handle

A couple of weeks ago I took a fellow sailor out in my Scot, and really should have spent some time talking about how the winch worked.

The first one was my fault. I asked him to snug the jib haylard, not realizing that he had already put a pretty good twist on the winch. Snap! My first winch handle broken! No problem, I've got two back-ups....

When we got in I asked him to drop the main, and he did not realize there was a catch holding it up. Snap, my second winch handle broken! I retrieved the third out of the tool box, and took no chances.

My problem was that I wanted to use the boat again in a few days. I ordered three new handles from FS Inc, but am not brave enough to go out on Lake Erie with one working handle.

I got out my bench grinder, and ground down the back side of the handle. The grip was now the contact point for the winch. I carefully measured using the broken tip off of the old one to get the size and shape right. It fit the winch when I tried too! Then I ground off the broken area, just to give a smoother grip for my hand.

Didn't need it, but it was comforting to have more than one winch handle on board. Now I've got six!

I'll have to remind myself to let future crew know how the winch system works. Will save all concerned a lot of grief.