I've read various posts about wiring for motors, lights etc. Basic question: What size and type of battery for a motor (I don't know the size yet, but an electric one that will get a FS around.) and lights (basic identification lights). What size wire? Is there some sort of panel to distribute power? Is there a fairly easy way to recharge with solar, because I don't have AC available close to the dock. Finally, who are some good suppliers for motors, lights, etc.

I chose a 36 pound thrust MinnKota trolling motor and am glad I did. Its proven to be a good size for the Scot. The size of the motor dictated the battery size, per factory recommendation (don't remember what it is, though). The wires from the battery to the motor should be 10 or 12 gauge, unless you attach the alligator clips on the motor directly to the battery. The wire for your lights should be a 16 gauge made specifically for marine environments. Regular automobile wires will quickly corrode. Be sure to "tin" the ends when soldering. The wires from the lights can come together at the battery and connect directly to the posts (don't forget to provide a fuse) so there is no switch to corrode.
I bought a solar panel for recharging but failed to ask enough questions so ended up with a panel in a aluminum frame that wants to leave marks on the hull every time I use it. I let the vendor decide the capacity I needed based on my battery size.
If you choose lights, it's good to find a low profile style that won't hang-up lines or stub toes. I've had battery operated lights with suction cups for the last three seasons that are as simple as can be and so far I haven't swept them from the deck with a line.