Bleaching Sheets?

Our main and jib sheets have become brown and dirtied from the water we sail in (Lake Erie and one of the dirtiest rivers in Ohio). Would it be ok to soak the sheets in a bucket with bleach or would we want to dilute the bleach or would that even be a bad idea?

-Adam Back #4003


I haven't used my sheets enough to get them dirty! I too sail Lake Erie, and the big boat I sail with gets it's sheets washed in the washing machine. Raises hell with the dock lines, but the sheets come out cleaner, look pretty, and feel softer.

The more important question is what part of Erie do you sail? I hail from North Cape Yacht Club on the western shore just south of Monroe MI. Jack are you sailing out of PCYC? Keep your boats at the Club? Is a C36 a Cal 36? That is a lot of boat... Any FS racing going on in PC?

Jack: We just went to check on the boat yesterday and the main sheets had some lovely green stuff growing on them. We thought we had the boat sealed up tight enough for winter but "Anything that can go wrong, will."

Eric: I dock I Jolly Roger! In order to get out to the lake, I have to sail through the Ottawa River (which is illegal to swim or fish in). Even when I do get out into the lake it's only about 3 feet deep and very dingy water.

Thanks for all your help!