I removed the bottom paint this weekend from the boat I purchased over the winter. When doing so, I notice little round flakes of gelgoat coming off. The end result were little pits (about 1/8 inch round). Are these blisters? Also, should this pits be filled and the bottem repainted before putting the boat in the water? I plan to only drysail the boat and I am eager to get it in the water. Thus it would be nice if the repair could wait to fall.

Also, what should be used to fill the pits? Finally, what are good options for paint if I want to stay with a color that matches the hull? Is it possible to re-gelcoat the bottom?


You probably saw the discussion about gelcoat already. Harry Carpenter added and interesting aspect to gelcoat repairs.

It's hard to give any recommendations in your case since it's unknown how deep the pits are.

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In addition to the topic I started on gelcoat repair, This is an interesting site on blisters.

This guy is surveyor and has interesteing perspective on blistering.

I don't think what you have would qulify as blisters. Typically blisters are in the layers between the glass fibers. Not sure what they would call what you are seeing, dandruff?

Good luck, I am planning on removing the c'bord and sanding that and the bottom to remove the fading paint on the hull I bought this spring. I was planning on using an ablative since the first year or so I will be mooring the boat in freshwater.

What were your intentions for dry sailing?

Thanks for the site on blisters. Based on the articles, I think I will just leave things as they are and see if the problem gets worse this summer. Hopefully, this will not happen since the boat will be out of the water most of the time.