Center Board Gasket Replacement

I need to replace a torn centerboard gasket.
Your tips, ideas, and techniqes would be helpful.
Specifically, I like to read your technique to temporarily hoist a FS off the keel rolller, whilst on Trailex trailer, so I can remove the brass strips and install the new gasket.
Tips on installing the new gasket, bedding the screws, etc.
Wavelength, FS 5375

I can't speak to raising the boat on the trailer; I took mine off the trailer and tipped it on it's side so I could shim the centerboard slot as well as replace the gasket. I found that about 1/3 of the screw holes needed to be epoxy filled and redrilled. I needed all three arms to positon everything as I drilled screw holes through the gasket and positioned the metal. Later, I realized that I could have used my hot glue gun to tack the gasket in place. I bedded the screws in 3M 5200 which is maybe overkill but I know it works.
Good luck.

Harry Carpenter has just posted instructions for common Scot maintnance procedures on the Flying Scot Inc. web site. Included are instructions for replacing the centerboard gasket. See

FSSA Forum editor

Thanks FSSA Editor !!
As always..Harry's support of this boat's construction and maintenance is stellar. Shoulda thought to look at the FlyingScot url for such information about centerboard gasket removal.
Richard Bruce Murray
Wavelength, FS#5375

Centerboard Gasket replacement - the Scot site does show how to do the job. Just curious - is there any criteria to use to evaluate WHEN you should replace the gasket? What do I look for to know I need to replace it? I've always been of the "if it ain't broke, don't go fixin' it" mentality, so your help in this would be appreciated.