Flying Scot factory

Recently I visited the Flying Scot factory. I'll try to post a link to two photos of the factory entrance. As you can see, like the boat, there is no pretense here. The factory is located in a beautiful and mountainous area of Maryland.
Harry Carpenter and Dee were very generous with their time; showing me around and answering my many questions. If you make an appointment I think they enjoy speaking with owners.
I understand the construction of the boats better now, after seeing them reduced to their constituent components.
Thanks to Clause for the tip on Photobucket.

You’re welcome and I’m jealous of you, Bob.

The previous owner of our boat got a couple Polaroids of the boat construction when he ordered it and gave them to us. It’s pretty cool to have them. I uploaded scans of them:

PS: You should have taken more pictures. [;)]

Claus FS5074 Ames, IA |

I had a chance to visit the Flying Scot factory in late September 1999 and I took a few photographs while Karen Carpenter showed my wife and me around. The pictures are available for viewing at the following url:

I didn't have a digital camera at the time and I don't have a scanner now, so the pictures at photobucket are digital pictures of photographic prints.

I hope you enjoy them.

Greg Bennett
Flying Scot #1087

Thanks for sharing the pictures Greg. They show lots of things that I haven't seen about the factory and I never knew that it was located next to a cementary. [;)]

Claus FS5074 Ames, IA |

Thanks for the photos Greg, they were great. [:)]

You would think that FS would have something like this on their own site.

You can see a tour of the factory on the Flying Scot, Inc web site at

Thanks Harry! I don't think that I ever ran across that on your site before. Very nice description/view of the process. [:D]