Buying a used boat need info


Is there anything I need to know about a boat built around 1987? What would be a good price for a boat in that area? What in the line on the transom of the boats?

Thanks Paul

So far, no one has been able to determine how long these boats will last so 1987 is not old for a Scot. #1 is nearly 50 years old and still afloat. There were some differences in construction when more than one shop was building the boat. One builder tended to have problems with the centerboards. Best move - call Harry Carpenter at the Flying Scot factory (800.864.7208) for that info. Fortunately, these boats are built so simply that a thorough examination isn't difficult to do. You want to look carefully for core problems, especially in the hull. Good Luck.


The price should vary with the condition of the boat. As Bob has mentioned, the older boats can hold up quite well. has a good article on potential problem areas and the costs of a fix. The old forum also has some good posts on buying a boat. As far as price, check the ads on scotsntexas also has a used boat section that often includes pictures.

I purchased a boat built in the late 60's that was "cosmetically challenged." With paint and hardware upgrades, I have basically doubled the purchase price of the boat. This does not include many, many hours of my time. I have enjoyed the project, but I wouldn't recommend it to everyone.


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