NS FS Boat Covers

Does anyone have any experience and/or comments about the North Sails Boat Covers. I.E comparison to the Sailor's Tailors cover? Any comments would be appreciated.

This isn't a direct answer, but rather some issues to consider. Depending on where you live, the cover material can become quite important. I live on the Texas coast. Down here, the summer sun is really brutal. A typical tarp has a 6 month life expectancy at most. For this reason I went with a cover from sailboatcovers.com. I have been extremely happy with the cover. Take a hard look at the cover material used by each manufacturer. If you live in a more northern latitude, you could possibly get by with one of the covers that you are considering.


FS 1587

Hey Bill -

Please send me your email address if you don't mind. I'm in San Antonio and want to sail my FS out of South Padre but need some advice. Thanks!


I live on the Texas coast.


FS 1587

I have the Sailor"s Tailor and it has spent two summers covering my boat at its mooring. The Minnesota sun may not be tropical but the storms are fierce.
The cover isn't showing any signs of wear and if I regularly tighten the bungees holding the hooks used to fasten the cover to the gunnel the cover stays tight and lets in a few spoonfuls of rain. I drag it onto shore a few times a season and scrub off the bird poop. I'm glad I got a light color.