Center board roller bolt

I am in the middle of restoring my older Scot. After removing my centerboard, I found that the bolt hole and the holes in the old rollers are larger than the new replacements. Additionally, the hole has slightly elongated over the years. I am looking for any ideas to make a fix so that I can use the new rollers. My initial thought is to slightly enlarge the hole and put in tension pins that have an inside diameter closely corresponding to the OD of the new bolt. Perhaps not the best answer, but it is much more appealing than $900 for a new centerboard. Any other ideas from those that have had a similar problem?


FS 1587

Clean and pack the old hole with epoxy. Use a toothpick to push it in.
Redrill the hole after the epoxy is good and hard.



Good suggestion! I've got the same problem on FS 1878. I was thinking of tapping the hole and puttiing some sort of sheave in, but, epoxy souns a lot easier.