extra boat flotation

I am new to the sport of sailing. My experience is limited to a class last summer and crewing with people at hoover sailing club while I was trying to deterime which type of boat to purchase. I have recently purchased a flying scot and hope to have it ready once the season begins. One of my main concerns at the moment is flotation. The boat I bought does not have the bow flotation bag nor the mainsail flotation. While I do not plan to capsize the boat, I do realize that my lack of experience could lead to this unfortunate result. Therefore my question is, should I add one or both of these additional floation devices to the boat? There are rescue boats at hoover during club races, however, I do want to tax these kind folks too much.

I have neither form of flotation on my boat but, if I remember the explanations correctly, the bow flotation helps a flooded boat under tow to keep the bow up. The factory sells the bags at about cost to encourage their use by racers. The mast flotation helps to prevent a capsized boat from turning turtle (upside down) and maybe planting the mast in the bottom. I know that there are other club members that can speak more knowledgeably on this.
The factory installed flotation should get you through most situations. The Scot is a forgiving boat and if you stay alert for wind shifts you won't have much to worry about, unless you're racing and pushing the limits. I've sailed under a reefed mainsail in wind hard enough to push the boat sideways and remained upright. If you can get some sailing time with experienced Scot sailors they can show you what these boats can do and maybe help increase your comfort level. Good Luck.