Sailing in the Adirondacks

My family & I are planning to vacation on a lake in the Adirondacks this summer, and trailer our new FS along to do some sailing. If possible, we'd like somewhere without tribes of motorboaters, jetskiiers, parasailers, etc., a place that also has hiking and horseback riding, and other areas of interest. Can any of you upstate NY Scots give us a recommendation? Is Lake George a potential site? Any help much appreciated!
-Richard Larson (#5573)

Come to Schroon Lake, NY!! It is approx 20 miles due north of Lake George and is a marvelous sailing lake. You can do all of the activities you mentioned without the neon commercialism associated with Lake George. There are (2) public launch ramps which are free. You are hard pressed to get on LG for under $40.00 as there is no free access. In addition there at least (2) other FS sailors on Schroon. Many High Peaks trailheads as well as more moderate hikes are within a 45 minute drive. If you are interested visit

Thanks for the great advice. Schroon Lake it is! 'Looks like a lovely place for sailing. We'll see you out on the water in late July! -Richard Larson (#5573)

Spent 2 summers on long lake a few years ago. Had a great time sailing a small centerboard boat we rented at the marina. After some sail repairs and duct tape here and there to help her hold water she did great !!!! As you can guess by the name Long lake is long (and narrow). There is a launch ramp and small marina in the town of Long lake. There is a seaplane base that creates some noise and excitement during the day but I never saw it as a problem as I am an Aircraft Mech and enjoy the sound of a turbo recip motor making full power at T-O 100ft away as I sail by !!!!! Talk about local attractions !!!!! The ADKS are great all over. Don't miss the Museum of the ADKS at Blue Lake, Good Luck.

I just wanted to report that we had a great time in the Adirondacks last summer and plan to go again this year. Schroon Lake was a wonderful recommendation (Thanks again Paul!). Nice quiet town with a free public ramp, beautiful long sailing lake, hiking & riding, great food in the area, and very nice people. It's a super place to take a Flying Scot! Fair winds, Richard Larson (#5573) [:)]