I have a new windex to install on my boat. I'm wondering what degree of angle to adjust the wire heading indicators for use with a loose rig and purely recreational sailing. Anyone have any thoughts?


Since no one else has spoken up, I'll put in my two cents worth. I don't think it matters what the angle is, as long as it is about 90 degrees, and VERY equally distributed as 45 degrees on either side of an imaginary center line of the boat.

I think what you are asking is what is the ideal upwind sailing angle of the Scot. I don't know that, as I've never raced mine. I'm guessing that it is around 45 off the wind, but that angle will vary with intensity of wind and size of waves. Probably would want to sail a bit fatter than 45 if very light wind or big waves. If lots of wind, and flat seas, you'll want to sail inside the paddles. Same going downwind with spinnaker. Just a very loose starting point.

I think it is more important to make sure you have an equal distribution of the angle on either side of the centerline. That way you can make a quick reference to the Windex and see that you are sailing the same angle to the wind on both sides of the tack. If inside the paddles is faster against the competition, a quick glance at the paddles on the other tack lets you know that you are trimmed to go fast. If the paddle angle is not equal, you don't have a good reference.

Actually the reference point may be sail position on deck, and how the sail luffs. I think it can be dangerous to rely solely on Windex for sail angle. I've seen lots of wind shear between Windex and telltales, and the sail is the true Windex. Also Windexes tend to collect spider webs which cuts down on their accuracy.

Hope this helps. Have fun, and play with those angles!

I never use the tabs upwind (use the tell-tales on the jib), but they are helpful downwind. Set the tabs a little less than 45 degrees to either side, and keep the arrow on or outside of the tabs going down wind. This is faster than dead downwind, and helps avoid an accidental jibe.

Thanks for those thoughful replies. The ice is out on the lakes here and I should be able to mess with that Windex soon.