Used Flying Scot

I am interested in purchasing a Flying Scot. I have located a boat with the hull #767 or #787 cannot tell for sure. The number is located on top of the centerboard trunk and is made up of what looks like nail heads.

If anyone has any information about this boat I would really appreciate hearing from you.

I want to trade down my J/24 for a Flying Scot. If any Scot sailor out there has a competitive boat and is interested I am willing to deal. My J24 is a '79 and competitive winning a bunch of one-design and phrf races many times. I hate to part with it but my J/24 days are numbered and my family and crew have grown up. I have a $9000 price on my boat and would take the value of someones Scot off my asking price plus cash.[8D]

If you write Flying Scot, they can tell you what year it was built. My guess is that it was around 1967. As long as it is in good condition, it will still be a competitive boat. A low hull number is not indicative of a slow boat.

Bob and Cheri: If you call Flying Scot at 800.864.7208 Dee will be able to look up the date of your boat. It may help to know what's on the manufacturers plate when you do. It is located on the aft end of the cockpit, just behind where your hand would rest on the tiller. If you call F.S. on a Saturday morning you may reach Eric Amman; he built most of the early hull numbers. He is a great resource.
You are welcome to email me with questions. I have a 46 year old Scot that I sail regularly. The older boats were well constructed but did tend to have a few weak spots. Good Luck, Bob

FS702 (my boat) was builded by Tanzer (Montreal) in the 60s. It is undergoing major restauration: complete replacement of balsa core, the hull and deck has been separated from each other... You can imagine the rest. Only one advice: make a good inspection of the balsa core!!!!