Cup Holders for the Flying Scot

We’ve been enjoying our Flying Scot for about 10 years, sailing mainly on Lake Michigan on pleasant days, often with another couple. I made a simple cup(can) holder which slides easily on and off the centerboard cap and has worked well for multiple years. Originally i designed swinging cupholders to accommodate heeling, but found out the ability to swing wasn’t necessary.   I’ve not seen this design elsewhere and thought others might also enjoy a Flying Scot cupholder for recreational sailing.  All dimensions are in inches.
See attached file for details:
I use a 1-3/4 space between the top and bottom drink holding boards which provides a secure hold on the can.  The bottom board is laminated so I can drill the holes that correspond to the top holes through the 3/4 board and then glue the 1/4 board on the bottom which is usually easier than drilling a flat bottom hole to proper depth.  The critical dimensions are A, B, and C. 
A) needs to be just slightly larger than the width of your centerboard cap allowing the cup holder to slide on and off.
B) needs to be just slightly larger that the thickness of you centerboard cap.  I like this to be a fairly tight fit so the cup holder doesn’t slide around.  If you make this right, you can easily add a little tape, etc. to the bottom of the bottom board to snug this up if needed.
C) needs to be just slightly larger than the width/thickness of the centerboard trunk.

I forgot to mention that I round all edges with a router.  At least sand all edges some.  You don't want sharp edges in a sailboat if that can be helped.  Rog

Out of necessity comes ingenuity !
This caught my eye as I made something that is really simple, works well - and is cheap.  
Yours is the GUCCI of drink holders !  I love it. 
Mine is the Ford pickup of drink holders !  
A pc of teak, 1/4 " to 1/2" thick - the same width as the centerboard x (4) drinks long, about 10"-12" ( 2 drinks per side ) with (4) of those cheap 1980's/ 90's hang off the inside of the car door coffee cup holders - cut off the small vertical side on each that slides in the window slot - then connect the drink holders to the teak wood via a screw through each. The teak wood is held to the centerboard with a thumb bolt drilled through the teak drink holder so the bolt spins freely and then that will screw down to a permanently drilled-into the centerboard, brass, furniture ( female ) threaded receptacle.  Holds it all down with no movement.  This brass furniture thing is the only thing visible when the holder is not in use and it is so weathered that it's not noticeable at all - it's maybe 1/4" .
More important is the full swinging drink holder I made for ME when I'm aft, at the tiller - this I retrofitted a marine cup caddy with string to swing around at any heal !  Works great !
Meyers Rum and pineapple juice is always stowed aboard !!!