Any tips for preventing boom from scratching rear deck?

Probably a dumb question.  Does anyone have some suggestions for how to keep the boom from scratching up the rear deck when taking the mainsail down?

Use the boom crutch.  Put the crutch into place and guide the boom into the crutch while slowly lowering the sail.

Ah, that makes total sense.  Thanks!

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In addition to a boom crutch, I have a piece of outdoor carpeting glued to the boom end with contact cement for those times when the boom crutch is not available. Hope this helps and that the below image can be viewed.

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Flying Scot sells a very nice topping lift kit. It holds the boom horizontal in all circumstances.

In high or shifting winds, it can be difficult to set the boom into the crutch when lowering. This is especially so if you're solo or dropping the main at the dock. It can even be dangerous to place the crutch, since the boom or mainsheet can catch on it while you're getting ready to lower, the sail fills, etc. 
One trick I like is to take a square flotation cushion (with handles) and slide it towards the stern, inserting the tiller through the strap/handles while doing so. Then I can drop the sail quickly, so long as I pull it onto the proper (cushion) side of the rear deck.