Cooler recommendations?

Any recommendations on coolers for the FS? Any esp. well fitting ones under the seats or under the decks?



The type of cooler should reflect your needs. If you are going out for a while, a rigid plastic one would be my choice for insulating capability and protection of contents. You will need to keep it from sliding around. Plastic coolers have the behavior habits of a hog on ice when unsecured.

Epoxy some simple wooden brackets onto the cockpit sole in the pattern of your cooler footprint. This will provide a secure place for the cooler (or any other box) and prevent it from sliding around when underway. Add two criss-crossed shock cords to hold it down and you’re all set to go. I’ve did this for my utility box and it works well under racing or cruising situations.

Thanks. To start off with I ended up getting a 40ish can soft side cooler bag that fits under the seats. That should be large enough for most of my needs.

Good idea on the expoy mounts to hold down a larger hard cooler. One of the reasons I went software side was to avoid having a hard cooler banging around.... the mounts would solve that problem nicely. If I end up needing a larger cooler I will end up duplicating that.

Thanks again,


Another thought and what we did was to purchase a large low style laundry basket, then attach the basket with shock cord to the seat support(under the seat). You can then put the soft cooler in the basket and it stays put; if you need a drink/pull out basket and the shock cord will return it.