Mainsail furling

Anyone have a great method for neatly stowing the main on the boom (mast is up) when trailered? 

My current method is to accordion-fold the sail, starting at the foot and making a "pocket" of the bottom three or four feet of sail, then accordion-folding the rest (continuing from the bottom) into that pocket.  Once it's all gathered up I secure the bundle to the boom with the mainsheet.  Keeps it out of the cockpit so I can move around and clean and whatnot, keeps it protected from any rain that might come in overnight because it's right up under the cover, and a big advantage is that the head of the sail is right there ready for the halyard and smooth hoisting.  The drawback is that it's very awkward for whoever's at the aft end of the sail trying to gather it into the pocket.  

Just wondering if anyone has come up with a better method.  Thanks!

We roll the sail starting with the head of the sail.  It is not easy at first but keeps the sail from developing creases.  Once rolled to the boom we use sail ties to snug the sail to the boom.

it is not easier but better for the life of the sail.


I roll mine.

We fold at the second batten from the head, then roll parallel with the battens, then tie to the boom with sail ties. You can sit on the bench and do most of this fairly handily. This is standard procedure for Sailing Club of Washington club boats, plus most boats owned by individuals in the club.

The boom can be rotated by pulling it sternward from the mast. We rotated it upside down and roll the main using the seat to help form it. Very tidy 5 inch roll hanging with few sail tiedowns where the foot track is now facing down.