strange deck hardware

I'm new to Scots but have been sailing and working on sailboats for 40 years. I bought FS2291 about a month ago and am cleaning it up as it hadn't been sail in more than 10 years. Probably removed 10 lbs. of mud dabber nests. Anyway there's an extra set of cleats mounted at the front of the cockpit with a hook to direct a line running aft. FS Inc. thought maybe for windward jib sheeting but the cleats face the wrong direction. None of the other FS at my club have anything like it so I'm at a loss. I'd sure appreciate if one of the old salts in the class could shed some light on the subject.

FS5516's picture

Having sailed the Flying Scot since the mid 70's I can tell you that I've never seen that setup. The only thing that comes to mind it's possible that a previous owner may have use that setup for fenders hanging over the side while docked. Other than that, no idea!

if you look at this photo, you can see a mahogany block, near the chain plate, on the deck.  It looks like it may have had a cheek block on it, at one time.  There is also a cleat nearby.  My hunch, is that it was a spinnaker sheet/guy set, designed to be easily accessible by the forward crew.its gone now....