Towing your Scot

What do you use and or what have you seen pull a Scot?

Whats the smallest vehicle you have pulled or seen?



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There is a pretty long thread on this.  The answer lies in how fast, how far and how hilly?  I have a VW Tiguan, 4 cyl, which does OK, but you can feel the boat more than with our Toyota Sienna. We have some fleet members who use Toyota Prius, but mainly to tow from the dry slip to the dock, and back.  If we're going local, or Jersey Shore, we can use either.  Deep Creek means the Sienna, as you have some major hills.

Gutsy 4 cylinders, like the Suburu Forrester seem to work well.  6 is better, like the Sienna, Odyssey, or Pilot.  

8 is more than you need.

Phil Scheetz

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Thanks Phil

I have towed mine with my Toyota Matrix 4cyl. with no tow rating all over the place including Lake George from NJ with major NY mountains. My friend has a Jeep something and is concerned so I'm just trying to convice him he'll be ok.

I even had camping gear etc in the boat and we were fine.

I love the older posts with people commenting that their old corrolla's and such did fine.


Brian Dellett

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Pulling is one aspect but much more important is stopping the whole rig.

Light cars have light brakes that are not up to a long haul on the Interstates,  but might be ok around the parking lot for launching, etc. A Prius is not recommended towing on the highway.

We found that the Outback and Forester can barely stop a Scot at highway speeds and provide some pucker moments in the hills of I-81 towing to and from Deep Creek. 

Recommend a heavier vehicle and we now tow with a Honda Pilot and Nissan Xterra. 

Trailers make a difference too. The low-slung aluminum Trailex is easier to see over when looking aft than the taller galvanized trailers. It is also lighter weight to stop. 


Not Towing

This is called "trailering" your Scot.  Towing is when your boat is being pulled in the water by another boat.

Glenn Wesley

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Trailering and Towing Capacity

I trailered my Scot on a Trailex aluminum trailer for 10,000 miles behind a 100hp 1967 Volvo 122s station wagon with no problems. Subsequently I've trailered it behind a 2000 Subaru Outback for several thousand mile--again no problems. 

The towing capacity of a vehicle is available from the manufacturer. I would rely on that data rather than anecdotes from owners (including mine!)

I would say "trailering" is

I would say "trailering" is the act of putting it on the trailer. You get a tow from a rescue boat and you tow your Scot when it is on the trailer. Hence the towing capacity of the vehicle.

Brian Dellett

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